A citywide curfew for Santa Clara remains in effect for Monday, June 1, from 8:30 p.m. to 5 a.m. Get more details about the curfew. The County of Santa Clara's Shelter-at-Home order remains in effect as some businesses and new activities are allowed to reopen with social distancing protocols and safety requirements in place. For local updates on the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, visit

Why Santa Clara?

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Centrally located in Silicon Valley, the City of Santa Clara is a prime destination to start or expand your business. You can join thousands of major public and private corporations already established in the City and enjoy the great benefits that Santa Clara has to offer.

Low Utility Rates – Silicon Valley Power, the City’s electric utility, provides reliable electricity at rates 25-48% below neighboring communities, that means that commercial customers can save up to $1 per square foot on a signification operating expense. In addition, the combined rates of all utilities (energy, water and sewer) are the lowest among the 105 jurisdictions in all nine Bay Area Counties.

Low Business Taxes – Business license fees in the City are modest. There are no utility user fees or telephone taxes, saving you 3-5%, nor does Santa Clara have a city income tax.

 “One Stop” Shop – Through the City’s Department of Community Development, the Permit Center streamlines the permit process for businesses so that they can get up and running as a new or expanding business as quickly as possible. Online building permits, submission of design drawings and inspection schedules save time and trips to City Hall. Complex projects are assigned a single point of contact who services as the applicant’s liaison with multiple City departments, ensuring clear and complete communications.

Central Hub for Data Centers – Located on a South Bay corridor that connects fiber carriers and telecom companies from San Francisco SFMIX to Palo Alto Internet Exchange (PAIX) to Silicon Valley SV5 IBX Data Center, Santa Clara is a central pathway to major Silicon Valley Internet Cloud Exchange Points. As a result, data centers are drawn to Santa Clara to simultaneously connect to at least four different Internet Cloud Exchange Points. In addition, with over 50 data centers already located in Santa Clara, the City is a prime location for internet service providers (ISPs), cloud providers, fiber carriers, high tech service centers, and other businesses that require connection to a secure fiber network.

Fiber Network - SVP Fiber Connect has over 150 cable miles of fiber infrastructure (some aerial) installed in counts of 144, 288, and 432-fiber cables in multiple redundant loops in and around the City. Dark fiber pathways pass through right-of-ways, private buildings and into 47 major data centers. Upon request and a nominal fee, SVP Fiber Connect is ready to expand its fiber cable miles for your business needs.

“Speed-to-Market” Response - Silicon Valley Power strives to provide excellent customer service. In fact, customer service is implemented through SVP Customer Service and Marketing Division which oversees energy and program service accounts. Silicon Valley Power also participates in annual trade association surveys and consistently ranks high in reliability and customer services. This business friendly approach is also reflected through SVP Fiber Connect. SVP Fiber Connect commits to connecting customer networks in 2-3 weeks (pending permits) and developing business processes to ensure customer timelines are met in advance of expectations. SVP Fiber Connect also uses a geospatial network design and management software system to monitor and manage fiber strands 24/7.

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